Past Events

On Sept 24-25th 2015, the 1st EU Edition 2015 was held in Brussels, with amazing speakers, including the most recognized IT security experts of Europe and the US – including Bruce Schneier, Bart Preneel, Richard Stallman, Steven Bellovin – and the most relevant EU defense, IT security and R&D institutions – such as the Head of Information Superiority of the European Defence Agency, the Deputy European Data Protection Supervisor, the Deputy Head of Security & Trust of EU DG Connect, Exec. Dir. of ECSEL-JU, Senior Executive of the Future of Humanity Institute, and Melle Van Den Berg of CapGemini Netherlands. See the report and the program with videos.

On Oct 16th, 2015, a 1/2-day Latin American Edition was held in Iguazu, Brazil, with distinguished the minister of IT of Brazil, Marcos Mazoni, and a high-ranking official of the Brazilian Cyber Command, and the CEO of the most advanced crypto company in Brazil, Kryptus.

On July 21st, 2016, a 1st US Edition 2016 was held in New York with amazing confirmed speakers, including Joe Cannataci, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy, and Max Schrems, the Austrian privacy activist behind the overhaul of Safe Harbor Agreement.

On September 22nd-23rd 2016, the 2nd EU Edition 2016 was held in Brussels, with the participation of an amazing set of speakers, including the CIO of Austria, the Vice-Chair of the EU Parliament LIBE Committee, the Head of R&D of the Italian Banking Association; the Head of R&D of the France Nuclear Agency; Paul Nemitz, Director of Fundamental Rights and Union citizenship in the DG Justice of the European Commission; Maris Koen, CTO of Cybersecurity at ATOS.

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