Speakers and Keynoters to the EU Edition 2015

Bruce Schneier
 Board member at Electronic Frontier Foundation, Open Technology Institute and EPIC. Fellow at Harvard Law School. CTO at Resilient Systems. Arguably the world’s most-renowned and recognized IT security expert.

Bart Preneel
Director at COSIC TU Leuven. President at International Association for Cryptologic Research. Arguably EU’s most peer-recognized IT security expert and researcher.

Richard Stallman
President of the Free Software Foundation. Founder of the Free Software movement. Inventor of the Free/Open Source Software licenses. Creator of the GNU/Linux OS, basis a majority of mobile and server computing devices.

Andreas Wild
Executive Director of ECSEL JU, the largest EU R&D public funding program for microelectronics, with projects exceeding 150M€ per year.

Michel Sieber
Head of Information Superiority at the European Defence Agency.

 Wojciech Wiewiórowski
(Assistant) Deputy European Data Protection Supervisor. Previuosly served as Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data at the Polish Data Protection Authority


Marcos Vinicius Mazoni
President of SERPRO. Main Brazilian IT public agency, delegated by President Roussef to develop state-surveillance-proof email systems for government officials.

jovangolicJovan Golic
 Head of EIT Digital Action Line for Privacy, Security & Trust. Internationally renowned cryptographer and IT expert.

Rufo Guerreschi
Exec. Dir. at Open Media Cluster. Project Lead at the User Verified Social Telematics project and the Trustless Computing Initiative. Long-time activist for the promotion of democracy within and through the use of IT.

Yvo Desmedt
A pioneer of threshold cryptography. Fellow of the IACR. Jonsson Distinguished Professor at University of University of Texas at Dallas, USA and Chair of ICT at University College London, UK.

Steven Bellovin
Prof. at Columbia University. Co-author of foundational papers on state attempts to reconcile cyber-investigation and privacy (1997, 2013) (via conf call from New York)

Kai Rannenberg
Chair at Deutsche Telekom Chair of Multilateral Security at Goethe Univeristy; Privacy, Security & Civilisation AoI leader at EU NIS Platform. Member at ENISA Permanent Stakeholder Group.

Melle Van Den Berg
Managing Consultant at CapGemini CyberSecurity Consulting. Co-author of the “Mass Surveillance Part 2 – Technology foresight, options for longer-term security and privacy improvements” commissioned in 2014 by  EU Parl STOA

Peter Ide-Kostic
Senior Policy Analysts at EU Parliament Science and Technology Options Assessment unit (STOA) and the EU Parliament LIBE Committee Secretariat.

Michel Jaccard
Swiss-based attorney at corporate and tech boutique firm Id Est Avocats, specialized in open innovation, data privacy and security, free and open source licenses, and “crypto law”.

Bjoern Rupp
 CEO of GSMK Cryptophone, mobile end-to-end encryption and mobile device security pioneer. GSMK makes the only cryptophone whose SW stack is publicly verifieable withouth NDA.

Pierre Chastanet
Deputy Head of Unit – Trust & Security, DG CONNECT of the European Commission.

Alberto Pelliccione
CEO of ReaQta, endoint defense against advanced threats. Previously senior researcher at Hacking Team, a world leader in lawful access systems.

PastedGraphic-4Roman Yampolskiy
World-renowned AI superintelligence safety expert and professor. Author of Artificial Superintelligence. Focused on AI Containment (isolation). Active in popular media channels. (cecs.louisville.edu/ry)

Eric Drexler
Senior Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Martin School, Oxford University, and a researcher and Internal Advisor to the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI), led by Prof. Nick Bostrom. A pioneer of nanotechnology. Member of FHI’s Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology

Nikola Danaylov
As Dir. of the  Singularity Weblog he conducted over 160 interviews with the world’s best known AI experts. Graduate in economics, philosophy, and Singularity University. Has written over 800 articles and papers on the subject.

chiesaRaoul Chiesa
A widely recognized IT cracker, hacker and IT security expert. President of Security Brokers. Formerly consultant and advisor to ENISA, Nato, Italian MoD,UNICRI.