Since its first Edition in 2015, the Free and Safe in CyberSpace event series – with editions in Brussles, New York and Brazil, and the participation of amazing speakers – has been catalyzing a constructive dialogue and a critical mass of suitable actors around new dual-use cybersecurity standards and certifications – and complaint open technologies and ecosystems – that sustainably and radically exceed the state-of-the-art trustworthiness and spur wide economic growth, while increasing public safety and cyber-investigation capabilities.

Initially aimed at the most critical computing by enterprises, financial institutions, and mission-critical NGOs, it is conceived to extend to be extended to the most critical computing of all citizens, targeted cyber-investigation systems, and autonomous systems.



Bruce Schneier

Board member at Electronic Frontier Foundation, Open Technology Institute and EPIC. Fellow at Harvard Law School. CTO at Resilient Systems an IBM company. Arguably the world’s most-renowned and recognized IT security expert.


Bart Preneel

Director at COSIC TU Leuven. President at International Association for Cryptologic Research. Arguably EU’s most peer-recognized IT security expert and researcher.


Richard Stallman

President of the Free Software Foundation. Founder of the Free Software movement. Inventor of the Free/Open Source Software licenses. Creator of the GNU/Linux OS, basis a majority of mobile and server computing devices.



    How can we achieve ultra-high assurance IT?!
    How can we achieve ultra-high assurance IT while solidly enabling legitimate and constitutional lawful access?
    What’s the role of ultra-high assurance ICTs in the future of AI security and safety?
    What are the national policy or international treaty options for ultra-high assurance ICT standards in critical societal domains?
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