Free and safe
in Cyberspace
7th edition

January 29th 2020

Are personal freedom and public safety in Cyberspace really an “either or” choice or are they instead a solvable “both or neither” challenge?


After 6 editions – held in Brussels, Iguazu, New York, Brussels again, Berlin and Geneva, with World-class  previous speakers – the Trustless Computing Association is happy to announce that 7th  Free and Safe in Cyberspace conference will be held next January 29th, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland.

As in previous editions, we will explore new approaches, paradigms and certifications that can deliver radically-higher levels of security and privacy for digital communications and transactions – and then other critical societal systems – and how this can, and must, be done while concurrently adequately mitigating risks for public safety and criminal abuse.

We’ll explore how such new technologies and certifications can provide unique competitive opportunities for leading private banks, and greatly benefit Switzerland economy and digital sovereignty. Even more concretely, we’ll advance and discuss the main outcome of previous editions: the initiative for a Trustless Computing Certification Body and a 1st compliant computing target computing base and ecosystem.

Conference Program

5.00pm – Open Doors
5.300pm – Opening messages by Special Guests
5.45pm – Introduction to the Trustless Computing Certification Body initiative, by Rufo Guerreschi

6.00pm – Challenge A
How can we radically improve the state-of-the-art of IT security and privacy for sensitive human communications and transactions?
Speakers: [confidential, in progress]

6.30pm – Challenge B
How can we solve Challenge A, while adequately mitigating consequent public security risks?
Speakers: [confidential, in progress]

07:00 pm – Opportunity Panel 1
Can leading private banks turn IT security from threat into a decisive competitive advantage by becoming the digital trust provider and digital confidant of (U)HNWIs’? Can their leading position as trust providers be translated in the digital World? 

7.30pm – Challenge C:
How can new radically more secure IT techs and certifications benefit other society critical systems, such as e-government, AI and autonomous systems, IoT, 5G, social media or military?
Speakers: [confidential, in progress]

8.00pm – Challenge D:
How can the early adoption of new radically more secure IT techs and certifications enable Switzerland to radically promote personal and collective digital sovereignty, and economic development?
Speakers: [confidential, in progress]

8.30pm – Drinks & Networking

Threats and Hopes

The World is rapidly turning into a Hacker Republic, where all economic and political power increasingly accrues to those state and non-state actors with the most informational and hacking superiority in  personal communications, social media, financial and autonomous systems.

Though total security and privacy can never exist, radical advances are possible and direly needed for the well-being and possibly the very survival of humanity.

Most believe that digital freedom and public safety are an “either-or” choice, a “zero-sum” game. Is it not instead a “both-or-neither” challenge, that can be solved  primarily through battle-tested open technologies, time-proven oversight mechanisms, and ultra resilient and accountable certification governance models?


We expect an audience of about 60-80, made up of mostly of  executives and experts from digital, innovation and security departments of Swiss private banks, enterprises, and industry associations; but also federal and international public officials, researchers, and Phd students.

Pre-Conference Program

For the 1st time, the 7th FSC Edition will include an invitation-only  Pre-Conference, held at the same venue. The objective of the Pre-Conference will be to (A) coalesce a consensus on the basic tenets and paradigms and governance of the Trustless Computing Certification Body, and (B) bring 3-5 leading private banks, mobile IT companies, large enterprises, industry associations and/or suitable nation-state agencies to join open to our current R&D partners, as Technical, Supporting or Founding Partners.

2.00pm – Open Doors
2.15pm – Introductions
2.30pm – Intro to the Trustless Computing Certification Body initiative, by Rufo Guerreschi
2.45pm – QA
3.15pm – Coffee Break
3.30pm – Deliberative Discussions
4.15pm – Coffee Break
4.30pm – Deliberative Discussions
5.00pm – End of Session

Write to if interested !

free and safe evening Zurich

On OCTOBER 30th 2019 at 6.30pm - at Colab Impact Hub in Zurich - we'll hold a 1st Informal meeting among confirmed and prospective speakers and organizers of the Free and Safe in Cyberspace series, and activists and supporters of the Trustless Computing Association and Certification Body.


The Trustless Computing Association is a non-profit organization, based in Zurich, that has aggregated World-class partners and advisors to build open IT technologies, certifications and ecosystems that can deliver levels of trustworthiness that are radically higher than state-of-the-art. 

Together with its spin-off startup TRUSTLESS.AI – based in Zurich – it has been building (1) the Trustless Computing Certification Body, a new IT security certification body and schema, aimed at radically-unprecedented levels of trustworthiness, while at once solidly enabling legit lawful access and (2) building the Seevik Pod and Net, an initial open computing base, ecosystem and IT device, compliant to such new certifications.

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