General event planning updates

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Some updates:

  1. Speakers: We’ve gladly received the acceptance of Dr. Andreas Wild, Exec. Dir of ECSEL JU  the main EU public R&D program for micro-electronics.
  2. Sponsors: ECSEL JU and AENEAS, major microelectronics industry association, have joined as sponsors.
  3. Duration: Although the workshop remains formally a one day, we have booked the same meeting room for the whole 25th morning, hold an optional, to-be-defined  and less-structured follow up to the discussions of the previous day.
  4. Updates: For lesser updates, follow us on Twitter: 
  5. Lodging. We suggest to book at the Thon Residence Parnasse, as it is at close walking and the after-event refreshment will be held nearby. You can benefit for a special event rate of 140€/night.( But there are many other hotels nearby.
  6. Next Steps: Throughout August, we will:
    1. add a references section with documentation relevant documentation to the discussions, as well as activate the discussion forums.
    2. seek further sponsors, in the hope that we can avail of the availability of Bruce Schneier and other relevant non-EU speakers to join in person rather than via conf call.
    3. refine and finalize the program (suggestions are welcome).
    4. revise the workshop backgrounder, based on suggestions from speakers.

As Open Media Cluster, we have created a first draft of our contribution to the discussions of the event, which we will review during the summer.

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