In Brussels, Experts Envision Cybersecurity Standards For The Digital Age

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The 2nd Free and Safe in Cyberspace – EU Edition 2016 was held in Brussels on Sept 22-23rd 2016 at Mundo-B.

As for previous editions,  catalysed a constructive dialogue and a wide informed consensus on new international standards and certification governance bodies for ultra-high assurance IT systems – for communications, constitutional lawful access and autonomous systems – to deliver access to unprecedented and constitutionally– meaningful* e-privacy and e-security to all, while increasing public safety and cyber-investigation capabilities.

Among the participating keynoters and panelists this year: EU most-recognised cryptographer and IT security expert, Bart Preneel; the Vice-president fo the EU Parliament Civil Right Committee, Jan Albrecht; the CIO of Austria and head of state secret standardization agency, Reinhard Posch; the research director at the France Atomic Energy, Renaud Sirdney.

This year we created a jazzy trailer…

… and most importantly a few concrete proposal for the Challenges have started emerging among the many speakers and panelists that have been involved in the event series: Trustless Computing Certification Body Initiative.
The event was co-organized by Open Media Cluster and Trustless Computing Consortium, lead by Rufo Guerreschi; and by EU EIT Digital Privacy, Security and Trust Action Line, lead by Jovan Golic.

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