Free and Safe in Cyberspace
6th Edition – Winter 2019

Thursday, January 24th, 2019
Geneva, Switzerland

After 5 editions in Brussels, New York, Brazil, and last in Berlin last May 4th, we’ll meet again with top experts, companies and public institutions to discuss our we can radically mitigate the current deep insecurity of society critical IT systems in this Digital Age, with a focus in the area of human communication and financial transaction.

The event will revolve around 3 main panels, tackling a key challenges
  • Challenge A: What new paradigms, techs and certifications can radically improve the cybersecurity of general human computing of high-profile persons as well as ordinary citizens?

  • Challenge B: If we solve Challenge A, how can we solidly prevent criminal abuse by serious criminals?

  • Challenge C: what new approaches to protect and substantially improve the cybersecurity of financial institutions and their clients, in the short and medium term? We’ll start from security-by-design, new “zero trust” models and standards, blockchain, quantum computing, AI.

We’ll debate if personal freedom and public safety in the internet age are inevitably “either-or” choice, a zero-sum game, as most believe, or instead a solvable “both-or neither” challenge, whereby the uncompromising zero-trust technical and governance safeguards and paradigms that are needed to radically improve personal freedoms are the same that can make lawful access sufficiently resilient from abuse, and make our public security agencies most effective and accountable.


Here are the speakers of previous editions (1st 4 editions and last one in Berlin). We are seeking additional speakers!
Apply today at! Profile of speakers that we are seeking:

-Top global IT security experts,
-Large and small consultancies,
-CISO/CSOs of CH/GE-based small or large banks and enterprises
-A selection of previous FSC past speakers (1st 4 editions and last one in Berlin), for example: (e.g. Director of R&D for Association of Italian Banks, CIO of Austria, top US IT security experts Schneier, top US IT security experts Preneel, Accenture,)
-Leading-edge reputable fintech security startups
-Geneva/Swiss government and university,
Partners of the Trustless Computing Association
Partners of Fusion
-current pilot/channel prospects of TRUSTLESS.AI and engaged prospects.
** invited
* to be confirmed


About 40-60 CSOs, CISOs, CDOs and top executives in large and medium Swiss banks and enterprises; as well as top experts, startups, venture, investors, academics, researchers, institutions.

Sponsors & Promoters

Here are the speakers of previous sponsors. We are seeking additional sponsors and promoters.
Apply today at Profiles of prospective sponsors and/or promoters:

-Large and small consultancies (Big4 and down)
-CH/GE-based small or large banks and enterprises
-Leading-edge reputable fintech security startups
-Geneva/Swiss government and university,
-current pilot/channel prospects of TRUSTLESS.AI and engaged prospects.
Partners of the Trustless Computing Association
Partners of Fusion


Organizer of previous editions:

Trustless Computing Association is an independent European non-profit research and activist association in the are of IT security and privacy.  It is pursuing the creation of a  Trustless Computing Certification Body and an initial compliant open computing base to deliver radically unprecedented cybersecurity for the most critical societal computing domains.

TRUSTLESS.AIis a spin-off startup of the Trustless Computing Association. It is raising €5M to create of a Trustless Computing Certification Body and an initial compliant open computing base, ecosystem and service, to deliver radically unprecedented confidentiality and integrity to the most sensitive human communications and transactions.

Apply to join us as co-organizers!

Prospective Co-organizers: Co-organizers will each contribute man-hours, co-promotion, venue. Prospects:

  • **Fintech Fusion
  • **PSYND. A Geneva-based cybersecurity company. They are organizers of the main cybersecurity meetup in Geneva, with 180 members, and of a Zero Day Conference event to be held next Nov 15th in Geneva, with university, Swiss MoD, Canton and other participants.
** invited
* to be confirmed


Wednesday, Jan 23th, 2019 – 6-8pm

  • 18:00-20:00 Optional Aperitif at TBD location for speakers, media and special guests.

Thursday, Jan 24th, 2019 – 10-30am-9pm

  • 10:00 – Coffee
  • 10:30 –  Introductions
  • 11:00 – PANEL A & QA
    • Moderator:
    • Panelists:
  • 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Keynotes
  • 14.30 – PANEL B & QA
    • Moderator:
    • Panelists:
  • 15.45 – Coffee
  • 16.00 – PANEL C & QA
  • 18.00 – Keynote
  • 19.00 – refreshments and aperitive
  • 21:00 – Closing
  • 12.50 – Closing and complimentary lunch for speakers