Here’s who is behind the Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series:



Trustless Computing Association is an independent European IT security and privacy non-profit research and activist association. Since 2013, it is pursuing the creation of a Trustless Computing Certification Body and an initial compliant open computing base and ecosystem to deliver radically unprecedented cybersecurity for the most critical societal computing domains.


TRUSTLESS.AI is the spin-off startup of the Trustless Computing Association. It is raising 5M€ to create of a Trustless Computing Certification Body and an initial compliant open computing base, ecosystem and service, CivicNet, to deliver radically unprecedented confidentiality and integrity to the most sensitive human communications and transactions. 



Association for European NanoElectronics ActivitieS providing unparalleled networking opportunities, policy influence & supported access to funding in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics enabled components and systems.

EIT Digital – Privacy, Security and Trust Action Line is 1 of 8 Thematic Action Lines of EIT Digital. EIT Digital, in turn, is 1 of 5 Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the European Insititute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)


Electronic components and systems are a pervasive Key Enabling Technology, impacting all industrial branches and almost all aspects of life. They provide the fabric on which the internet runs; they give life to portable phones and tablets.


Rufo Guerreschi

CEO of TRUSTLESS.AI and Executive Director of Trustless Computing Association (Linkedin Profile)

Jovan Golic

Cryptographer and IT assurance expert. Senior innovation Director at Telecom Italia. (Linkedin Profile)

Udit Dhawan

Endpoint Security Advisor of TRUSTLESS.AI. Previously Technical Lead at Samsung Research & Development Institute and Senior Scientist at Intel Labs. (Linkedin Profile)


Rufo Guerreschi,
Executive Director, Trustless Computing Association
rufo@trustlesscomputing.orgTel. +393357545620

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