Here’s who is behind the Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series:


Since 2014, the Trustless Computing Association has been promoting and building the Trustless Computing Certification Body, a new dual-use IT security certification body and schema, aimed at ultra-high, radically-unprecedented levels of trustworthiness; while at once solidly enabling legit lawful access. Both such goas are achieved primarily through (1) extreme levels of ethical and public security-review in relation to complexity of all tech and processes critically-involved in the entire lifecycle, down toCPU design and chip fabrication oversight; and through (2) extreme levels of citizen-accountability, independence, and technical proficiency  of the governance and socio-technical process, including the wide utilisation of citizen-witness and citizen-jury based oversight processes.


• Rufo Guerreschi, Executive Director
• Trustless Computing Association
• +393357545620



Association for European NanoElectronics ActivitieS providing unparalleled networking opportunities, policy influence & supported access to funding in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics enabled components and systems.

EIT Digital – Privacy, Security and Trust Action Line is 1 of 8 Thematic Action Lines of EIT Digital. EIT Digital, in turn, is 1 of 5 Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the European Insititute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)


Electronic components and systems are a pervasive Key Enabling Technology, impacting all industrial branches and almost all aspects of life. They provide the fabric on which the internet runs; they give life to portable phones and tablets.

TRUSTLESS.AI is building the SeeVik Pod, a 2mm-thin touch-screen handheld device that delivers radically-unprecedented levels of confidentiality and integrity to the most critical communications, negotiations, and transactions; while solidly enabling offline only legitimate lawful access.


Rufo Guerreschi

Founder and Director of Trustless Computing Association, with world-class partners and advisors. Founded and exited an e-democracy startup, ParTecs. Launched a leading-edge IT security global event series, Free and Safe in Cyberspace. Brought the valuation of a planned EU’s 2nd largest tech/IT park from €3M to €21M. Sold a +€10M java mobile app store system to Telefonica.  (LinkedIn)

Jovan Golic

World-renowned cryptographer. Senior IT security research manager at Telecom Italia. Former Action Line Leader of the Privacy, EIT Digital Privacy  Security and Trust Action Line of one of 6 action lines of the 3BN€ EIT Digital, that brings leading close-to-market innovations to market through 8 specialized territorial nodes throughout the EU.(Linkedin Profile)

Udit Dhawan

Formerly senior research scientist at Intel Labs, Technical Lead at Samsung R&D in Bangalore. Formerly, Lead Student Architect for 3 years on the CRASH/SAFE project at  US DoD Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), aimed at a clean-slate co-design of the entire computing stack for secure computation (now commercialized). (LinkedIn)

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