Free and Safe in Cyberspace (FSC) is a global event series by the Open Media Cluster aimed at catalizing a consensus around new international high-assurance certifications and certification bodies for dual-use highest-assurance IT – through arelated Trustless Computing Certification Initiative and related open ecosystems, that can deliver constitutionally-meaningful levels of e-privacy, while preserving or increasing public safety.

The event is structured in 4 main panels and 2 main challenges, as detailed in our backgrounder.

A first FSC EU Edition event in Brussels on Sept 24-25th, co-organized with EIT Digital Privacy Security and Trust Action Line, has attracted amazing speakers, including the best IT security exterts of Europe and US, and the most relevant EU defense, IT security and R&D institutions (report, and videos). A follow up LatAm (Latin America) Edition, in Brazil, has joined world-class experts EU institutions, R&D leaders in EU and Brazil.

We have started to organize and seek co-organizares and sponsors for the next events:

  • a North American edition in Washington for June/July 2016. We have in fact received written interest to organise a follow up of this event in Washington or New York, by US Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Exec. director, by the new UN Rapporteur on Privacy, Joseph Cannataci, and by the Counselor of Digital Economy, Delegation of the European Union to the USA, Andrea Glorioso.
  • a FSC EU Edition 2016 in Brussels or Rome in September 2016.