• 08.30 – Coffee Break for attendees and speakers
  • 09.00 – Welcome and introduction by organizers. (Rufo Guerreschi)
  • 09.10 – Intro Keynote to the 4 Challenges by Jovan Golic – “Cyberspace Jungle: Where We Are and What to Do“.
  • 09.30 – CHALLENGE A: How can we sustainably achieve ultra-high assurance ICT?! Is it feasible to provide ordinary citizens access to affordable and user-friendly complete ICT services with levels of trustworthiness that are meaningfully-abiding to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, as a supplement to their every-day computing devices? If so, how? What standards, standard setting and certifications processes can enable users to reliably assess their actual trustworthiness? What scale of investments are needed? How likely is it that they would sustainably be legally allowed?  (Backgrounder on Challenge A)
    • Moderators: Jennfier Baker (ArsTechnica)
    • Panelists: Diego Naranjo, Bart Preneel, Koen Maris, Renaud Sirdey, Jovan Golic, Achim Klabunde, Rufo Guerreschi.
    • 09.30 – Intro: Intro to Challenge A by Rufo Guerreschi
    • 09.40 – Flash Keynotes by panelists + QAs
    • 10.00 – Panel
    • 10.40 – QA with audience.
  • 10.50 – Keynote by Reinhard PoschChief Information Office of the Federal Republic of Austria “Prospects for upgrading IT security standards and certification to a fuller respect of the EU Charter and national constitutions, for citizens privacy, national soveriegnty and cyber-investigation integrity”.
  • 11.10 – Coffee Break
  • 11.25 – CHALLENGE B: How can ultra-high assurance ICT services comply to “constitutional” lawful access requests while meaningfully protecting civil rights? Can providers of ultra-high assurance ICT devise compliance mechanisms to lawful access requests, voluntarily (i.e. in addition to what’s required by selected jurisdictions), without significantly increasing risks for the privacy of users nor for public safety? If so, how? What are the core paradigms of such certification processes? (Backgrounder on Challenge B)
    • Moderators: Jennifer Baker (ArsTechnica)
    • Debaters: Japp Hoepman, Reinhard Posch, Bart Preneel, Jovan Golic, Marit Hansen, Koen Maris, Achim Klabunde, Rufo Guerreschi, Diego Naranjo (video Message by Max Schrems)
    • 11.25 – Intro: Intro to Challenge B by Rufo Guerreschi
    • 11.35 – Flash Keynotes by panelists + QAs
    • 11.55 – Panel
    • 12.40 – QA with audience
  • 13.00 – Light lunch break for attendees and speakers
  • 14.00 – Keynote by Renaud Sirdey ““Towards new privacy-by-design services by means of practical fully homomorphic encryption” + 10-minute QA
  • 14.45 – Keynote by Bart Preneel “Rethinking security architectures” + 10-minute QA
  • 15.20 –  Coffee Break
  • 15.35 – CHALLENGE C: The potential of ultra high assurance deterministic IT standards to promote short- and long-term AI safety. How can non-governmental ultra-high assurance ICT standards – and related licensing and certification governance models – spur sustainable AI-driven economic development and foster short- and long-term AI safety and value alignment? Can ultra-high assurance ICT standards, applied to their most critical deterministic sub-systems, contribute substantially to AI safety? (Backgrounder or Challenge C)
    • 15.35 – Intro to Challenge C by Rufo Guerreschi
    • 15.45 – Keynote by Roman Yampolskiy (Skype video conf) + 10-minute QA
    • 16.15 – Keynote by Stuart Armstrong (video message)
    • 16.35 – Panel
      • Moderator: David Meyer (Fortune)
      • Panelists: Bart Preneel, Roman Yampolskiy, Rufo Guerreschi, Jaap-Henk Hoepman,
      • QA with audience
  • 17.40 – Summary of the day by organizers.
  • 17.45 – END of WORKS for DAY 1
  • 21.00-22.30 –  Dinner for panelists, speakers’ and special guests’ 
  • 08.40 – Coffee Reception
  • 09.10 – Intro to the day 2 by the organizers
  • 09.20 – Panel on CHALLENGE D: What are the EU policy or international treaty options for ultra-high assurance ICT standards in critical societal domains? What constituent processes can ensure a timely, effective and democratically efficient implementation – by a critical mass of actors – of meaningfully-enforceable EU or international treaties for ultra-high assurance IT standards setting and certification processes? (Backgrounder on Challenge D)
    • Moderator: David Meyer (Fortune)
    • Panelists: Reinhard Posch, Achim Klabunde, Marit Hansen, Rufo Guerreschi
  • 11..00 – Coffee Break
  • 11.15 –  Keynote by Paul Nemitz “Incentives to invest in cybersecurity under the new data protection Regulation”
  • 11..30 – Flash Keynotes + QAs by panelists.
  • 11.45 – PANEL: How can better standards and open target architectures for IT security foster innovation, startups and scaleups in multiple IT sectors in Europe?  Startups, scaleups and large companies alike need ways to sustainably differentiate themselves in the market on the basis of the security of their offerings, but they are often unable to prove that to customers in the absence of comprehensive and reliable benchmarks. How can industry, citizen associations and public institutions work together to solve these issues?
    • Moderator: David Meyer (Fortune)
    • Panelists: Ulrich Seldeslachts, Erik Duyck, Raoul Chiesa, Jovan Golic, Rufo Guerreschi, Artur Pylak (video link)
  • 12.40  – Keynote by Jan Albrecht (Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE).
  • 13.00 – Light lunch break for attendees and speakers
  • 14.00 – Keynote by Romani Stasi: “Challenges and hopes in the medium term for the integrity and confidentiality of e-banking offering”
  • 14.15 – PANEL: Opportunities for new ultra-high assurance IT paradigms for the banking sector. What are the opportunities of new ultra-high level of IT standards for the future of banking e-services? Recent breaches have highlighted the challenges of protecting against persistent and pervasive attacks that challenge at root the trust of banks. The confidentiality and integrity of banking e-service seems ultimately constrained by that of terribly vulnerable client-side devices. Cryptocurrencies have raised hopes but also many doubts. What are the opportunities of combining recent advances, like end-2-end encryption and blockchain, with and ultra-high assurance IT endpoint security?
    • Moderator: David Meyer (Fortune)
    • Panelists: Raoul Chiesa, Romano Stasi, Roberto Baldoni (health issue), Artur Pylak (health issue), Rufo Guerreschi.
  • 15.30 – Keynote by Roman Yampolsky (via Skype) on “Long Term AI Safety” + 5 minute QA
  • 15.50-17.15 – Solutions to the Free and Safe in Cyberspace Challenges?!.Presentation & QA of  concrete coherent proposalsand manifestos for solving one or more Challenges. Submittal is open to all till Sept 18th. The two best proposals from audience will also be accepted for presentation.
    • Moderator: Jovan Golic
    • 15.45 – Proposals Presentations:
    • 17.00: Open discussion and
  • 17.30 – Closing Statements by panelist and audience
  • 21.00-22.30 –  Dinner for panelists, speakers’ and special guests’ 
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