In Brussels, Experts Envision Cybersecurity Standards For The Digital Age

 The 2nd Free and Safe in Cyberspace – EU Edition 2016 was held in Brussels on Sept 22-23rd 2016 at Mundo-B. As for previous editions,  catalysed a constructive dialogue and a wide informed consensus on new international standards and certification governance bodies for ultra-high assurance IT systems – for communications, constitutional lawful access and autonomous systems – to deliver access to unprecedented and constitutionally– meaningful* e-privacy and e-security to all, while increasing public safety and cyber-investigation capabilities. Among the

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Get your ticket for Free and Safe in Cyberspace 2016 (BRUSSELS, Sept 22nd-23rd)

Get your early-bird tickets today ! On Sept 22-23rd 2016, the Free and Safe in Cyberspace - EU Edition 2016 will be held at Mundo-B in Brussels, Belgium, EU.  Free and Safe in Cyberspace aims to catalyse a constructive dialogue and a wide informed consensus on new international standards and certification governance bodies for ultra-high assurance IT systems – for communications, constitutional lawful access and autonomous systems –

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France and Germany ask EU Commission directive mandating compliance to lawful access for IT communication providers

Last week, France and Germany have proposed to the EU Commission to issue an update of of a current EU directive, that would mandate providers of IT communication services to be able to respond to lawful access requests. There are signs that these may be more political posturing and knee jerk reaction to th recent terror attacks, rather

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Towards solutions to Challenge A and B: the “Trustless Computing Certification Body”

Some speakers of the Free and Safe in Cyberspace (FSC) event series and advisors to the Trustless Computing Initiative, lead by Rufo Guerreschi, have joined together to research and propose a comprehensive solution to Challenges A and B posed by FSC: The Trustless Computing Certification Body: a new standard and certification body for wide-market ultra-high assurance IT systems, with

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In New York City, on July 21st 2016, the Free and Safe in Cyberspace workshop brings e-privacy and public safety one step closer (Report)

WORKSHOP REPORT: "Free and Safe in Cyberspace" workshop on July 21st 2016 in New York City continues to strive for meanigful e-privacy and increased public safety A small workshop was held on 21 July 2016 in New York City, as part of the “Free and Safe in Cyberspace” International event series, was focused on discussing and planning possible solutions

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EVENT: After Snowden, new int’l certifications for digital privacy (NYC, 7/21)

After Snowden, new int'l certifications for digital privacy (NYC, 7/21) Free and Safe in Cyberspace is an international series of events that brings together institutions and experts across the atlantic to create an international wide-consensus on new non-governmental international ICT security and privacy standards and certifications for ICT system providers and lawful access schemes, that

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How to prevent malevolent and dangerous AI through standards and legislations, and in turn promote AI-driven economic development

Roman Yampolskiy and Federico Pistono recently wrote a paper entitled Unethical Research: How to Create a Malevolent Artificial Intelligence, which poses the questions of powerful actors intentionally creating malevolent AI and/or stealing and deploying.  This is a crucial problem to be reckoned with, in addition to the main problem occupying the AI safety community, the runaway AI problem, or the

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What is the current market demand for certifications of narrow AI systems with direct influence on human physical environments?!

The creation of radically competent, enforceable and accountable standardization and certification processes for those narrow AI systems that direct influence on human physical environments - such as robots, autonomous drone and vehicles - may have a huge impact on the growth rate and sustainability of the market for such systems, as well as reduce risk of arm to humans. Even more importantly,

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A new “Free and Safe in Cyberspace – Aims and Backgrounder” is published

We have been updating extensively our event series Backgrounders for each of the FSC Challenges: A, B, C and D. For your convenience, their full content has been made available, although in a older version of February 23rd 2016, in a single 20-pager Free and Safe in Cyberspace – Aims and Backgrounders (PDF), authored by Rufo Guerreschi and Jovan Golic (which updated

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FBI and Apple finally agree on starting a debate on how to reconcile privacy and safety. Shouldn’t the EU and NGOs be part of it?!

Over the last 2 days both Apple and FBI have called for a "commission" of representative stakeholders to finally discuss constructively on how we can reconcile two crucial rights of citizens, the right of privacy and the right to safety. It has been clear that some kind of structured systematic deliberative discourse and debate is useful to both

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