Free and Safe in Cyberspace is a global event series aims to catalyse a constructive dialogue and a wide informed consensus on new international standards and certification governance bodies for ultra-high assurance IT systems and life-cycle –for communications, constitutional lawful access and autonomous systems – to deliver access to unprecedented and constitutionally– meaningful* e-privacy and e-security to all, while increasing public safety and cyber-investigation capabilities.





  1. Some of the speakers – including Bart Preneel, CapGemini Netherlands, Jovan Golic, Tecnalia –  have started since early 2016 working on a 50-page draft Proposal for Trustless Computing Certification Body and a 6-pager Manifesto of Trustless Computing. The Open Media Cluster (i.e. Trustless Computing Initiative, CapGemini Netherlands and Tecnalia) have engaged in a binding agreement to jointly bid for new tenders from EU LIBE Committee or STOA to further investigate policy and certification options to promote high-assurance IT while respecting civil rights.
  2. In May 2016, partners and advisors of the Trustless Computing Initiative and speakers of the Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series, have spun-off TRUSTLESS.AI, a startup based in Menlo Park, California, aimed at solving initially Challenge A and B, by radically exceeding the state-of-the-art in both security and user experience of communication and financial transactions, and then C and D in its scale-up phase.
  3. We have been invited to hold 2hr+ special keynote events in Silicon Valley on the Trustless Computing Initiative and Trustless Computing Certification Body by the Symbolic Systems Program, Stanford University post-graduate program with the most PhDs in Artificial Intelligence, and at the by SVSA at the headquarters of SEMI, the World largest semiconductor association.