Free and Safe in Cyberspace

Free and Safe in Cyberspace is an event series organised by the Trustless Computing Association to promote the wide availability of radically more user-trustworthy IT in critical societal domain areas, starting from sensitive human communications and transactions, and leading up to critical AI and cyber-physical systems.

Since 2015, we have held 5 editions – twice in Brussels, and once in New York, IguazuBerlin and next in Geneva in Spring 2019 – gathering top IT and AI security experts, companies and governmental institutions.

We’ve been fostering a constructive discourse and wide consensus on(Challenge A) how we can build new IT technologies and certification governance models that achieve levels of cybersecurity that are radically-higher than current state-of-the-art and (Challenge B) how we can do so while avoiding to create an unacceptable obstruction to the legitimate investigation of criminal suspects.

In search for a solution, we have been challenging the status quo and predominant opinions on this matters, with its deeply ingrained misconceptions, also fueled by much outright wilful deceptions by some actors. We’d been questioning if personal freedom and public safety in the internet age are really and inevitably an either-or” choice, a zero-sum game – as most experts, activists and security agencies believe.

We’ve been exploring , instead, meaningful digital freedoms and public safety are instead a solvable “both-or-neither” challenge, whereby the uncompromising zero-trust technical and governance safeguards and paradigms that are needed to radically improve personal freedoms are the same that can make lawful access sufficiently resilient from abuse, and make our public security agencies most effective and accountable.


Bruce Schneier

Board member at Electronic Frontier Foundation, and EPIC. Fellow at Harvard Law School. CTO at Resilient Systems an IBM company. The world’s most-renowned IT security expert.

Bart Preneel

Director at COSIC TU Leuven. President at International Association for Cryptologic Research. Arguably EU’s most peer-recognized IT security expert and researcher.

Richard Stallman

President of the Free Software Foundation. Founder of the Free Software movement. Inventor of the Free/Open Source Software licenses. 




What new paradigms and certifications can allow us to achieve ultra-high assurance* IT?!


How can we achieve ultra-high assurance IT, while concurrently solidly enabling legitimate lawful access?


What is the role of ultra-high assurance IT and certification models for the future of AI security and safety?


What are the national policy or international treaty options for ultra-high assurance IT and AI standards/certifications in critical societal domains?

*”high-assurance IT” is the technical name of the most secure IT. So therefore we need “ultra-high assurance””!

2-minute trailer of 2016 edition

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Intro speech to the 1st edition

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