The World is rapidly turning into a Hacker Republic, where all economic and political power increasingly accrues to those state and non-state actors with the most informational and hacking superiority in personal communications, social media, financial and autonomous systems. Though total security and privacy can never exist, radical advances are possible and direly needed for the well-being of humanity and, possibly, its very survival.

Are personal freedom and public safety in Cyberspace truly an “either-or” choice, a zero-sum game, as nearly all seem to believe? Can we, as a society, truly choose between one and the other?  Are these not instead, as they’ve always been, a “both or neither” challenge as we see the democratic institutions that should ensure our safety being eroded by hacking and manipulation of our IT system and social platforms?

Free and safe in cyberspace -7th Edition 2020

Free and Safe in Cyberspace Geneva - 6th Edition 2019

Free and Safe in Cyberspace - 4th Edition 2016 EU

Free and Safe in Cyberspace - 1st Edition 2015 EU