EIT ICT Labs Privacy, Security and Trust Action Line (PST-AL), lead by Jovan Golic, and financing 50% of the event, is one of 6 thematic Action Lines of the EIT ICT Labs. On behalf of the European Commission, EIT ICT Labs manages about 100M€ yearly in IT innovation, research and education, through 7+2 specialized geolocated co-location centers – nodes throughout the EU. Action Line Leader Dr. Jovan Golic, internationally recognized expert in data security and cryptography. PST-AL aims to “bridge existing gaps between available techniques and practice by innovative solutions following the ‘privacy & security by design’ paradigm”, “Support data protection laws and regulations by certification & auditing procedures”. PST-AL sees “a large gap between what is applied in practice, on one hand, and the available techniques, usability requirements and the right level of security and privacy, on the other. This gap represents a strategic opportunity where European players have a recognized know-how and where leadership should be leveraged and nurtured”.

Open Media Cluster (OMC), a small no-profit R&D center in Rome, Italy,lead by Exec. Dir. Rufo Guerreschi, which is leading a foundational R&D proposals to build the World’s most user-trustworthy end-2-end end-user computing platform, ecosystem and standard for general public use. OMC will coordinate the event organization according to agreement with PST-AL (pdf). (3) TBD. We are seeking additional co-organizers and/or sponsors contributing to provide additional 10K€ funding for the event.