In the digital era, are freedom and safety an “either or” choice, or a “both or neither” challenge?
We believe the latter and that proper international certifications could deliver both. 

Free and Safe in Cyberspace is a global event series that is catalysing a constructive dialogue and a wide informed consensus on new international standard and certification governance bodies for ultra-high assurance IT systems and lifecycles – for communications, constitutional lawful access and autonomous systems – which are suitable to deliver to all access radically-unprecedented and constitutionally-meaningful privacy and cybersecurity, while increasing public safety and cyber-investigation capabilities.


Bruce Schneier

Board member at Electronic Frontier Foundation, Open Technology Institute and EPIC. Fellow at Harvard Law School. CTO at Resilient Systems. Arguably the world’s most-renowned and recognized IT security expert.

Bart Preneel

Director at COSIC TU Leuven. President at International Association for Cryptologic Research. Arguably EU’s most peer-recognized IT security expert and researcher.

Richard Stallman

President of the Free Software Foundation. Founder of the Free Software movement. Inventor of the Free/Open Source Software licenses. Creator of the GNU/Linux OS, basis a majority of mobile and server computing devices.



Since the 1st edition in 2015, the conference series revolves around finding answers to The 4 Challenges of  Free and Safe in Cyberspace , detailed in an extensive backgrounder, and summarized below:

  • CHALLENGE AHow can we achieve ultra-high assurance IT?!
  • CHALLENGE BHow can we achieve ultra-high assurance IT while solidly enabling legitimate and constitutional lawful access?
  • CHALLENGE CWhat’s the role of ultra-high assurance ICTs in the future of AI security and safety?
  • CHALLENGE DWhat are the national policy or international treaty options for ultra-high assurance ICT standards in critical societal domains?

intro to FSC aims (9/2015)