Rome 2/2018 - SPEAKERS

( “*” to be confirmed; “**” invited and to be confirmed )

Anthony J. Ferrante.

Managing Director & Head of Cybersecurity at FTI Consulting. Formerly served as Obama’s Director for Cyberincident Response & Cybersecurity Policy at the National Security Council. Former Chief of Staff of the Cyber Division at the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. He played a key role in the Whitehouse mitigation of Russian attacks during the 2017 US Presidential elections. (LinkedIn)

Michael Sieber

Director of the  Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use (BAAINBw) of the German Federal Armed ForcesFormerly Head of Information Superiority of European Defence Agency. (2014-2016), and Assistant Director Research & Technology (2010-2013). (Linkedin)

Reinard Posch.

Since 2001, he is Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Federal Government of Austria responsible for strategic coordination of activities in the field of ICT including all levels of government. Since 2005 Head of the platform Digital AUSTRIA. Since 1999, he is Scientific Director of the Austrian Secure Information Technology Center (ASIT), setting state cybersecurity standards at all levels (member of SOGIS).  From 2007 to 2011 he was Chairman of the Management Board of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).(online CV)

Stefano Quintarelli.

Currently a Deputy of the Italian Republic. Serves as  Chairman of Steering Board of Italian Digital Agency. First signer of the 2014 national legislative proposal of “technological sovereignty and documented hardware”(url). Co-founder of the Italian IT security associations CLUSIT and AIPSI.Formerly professor of Computer Security. Formerly head of IT Section of the Italian main financial newspaper(Linkedin)

Alexander Elkin.

NGO Liason at Trustless Computing Association. Director of Business Development – Mission-critical NGOs at TRUSTLESS.AI. Formerly Head of Strategy & Internet Projects at Transparency International Russia.(Linkedin)

Raoul Chiesa.

President of Security Brokers.The most famous Italian hacker for the last 30 years. Consultant and advisor to ENISA, Nato, Italian Ministry of Defense, United Nations UNICRI. (Linkedin)

Pierluigi Paganini.

Scientific Director of Master in Sicurezza Informatica e Cybersecurity al Link Campus. CTO at CybSec Enterprise. Member of ENISA Threat Landscape Stakeholder Group. Former CISO at Bit4D, leading Italian ID tech provider. Editor at Formerly a senior engineer at ST-Microelectronics. (Linkedin)

Davide Barillari.

 Councilor and former Head of Councilors of M5S Party at the Lazio Region. Former M5S candidate governor for Lazio Region (2013). Founder of Parelon, an open source e-participation IT service. Formerly Senior architect at IBM Italy. First underwriter of a 2014 Lazio regional law requiring “trustless computing” extreme transparency and audit of CPU and fabrication oversight for sensitive public e-services, and allocating EU regional R&D funds to cybersecurity and open Web. (Linkedin).

Paolo Acunzo.

Vice-President of Lazio Region of the Italian Democratic Party (PD), and Member of its National Directorate. Undersecretary at the European Federalist Movement. Industrial Liason Officer at ENEA, Italy nuclear agency.(Linkedin)

Jovan Golic.

Internationally recognized cryptographer and IT assurance expert. Formerly Privacy, Security and Trust Action Line Leader of EIT DigitalSenior innovation Director at Telecom Italia. (Linkedin)

Raffaele Barberio.

Leading Italian journalist. Editor at Key4biz, a leading Italian IT and cybersecurity news agency. President of the NGO Privacy Italia(Linkedin)

Rufo Guerreschi.

Ceo of TRUSTLESS.AI and Exec. Dir. of Trustless Computing Association, promoting a standard and certifications body – a compliant open computing base and devices aimed at radically unprecedented levels of confidentiality and integrity, while enabling legitimate and constitutional lawful access. Formerly CEO of the Open Media Park, a planned tech park in the Lazio Region focusing on leading-edge cybersecurity of communications and artificial intelligence. (Linkedin)