Call for Answers

Unlike tipical Call for Papers, our event series, to stimulate constructive has issued an open Call for Answers by researchers, students and anyone addressing the 4 Challenges of the event series. All panelists will been encouraged to submit at least an Original Answer for the panel in which they participate.

Format: Submitted Answers can be:

  • (A) Original Answers, written by the submitter. It can be an original text, published or unpublished, in the form of blog, paper or other form. Must include:
    • Title, Abstract (80-120 words); Full Text (URL link, full text or attachment; at least 500 words).
    • Challenge(s) addressed.
    • Author(s) full name, website, email, telephone;
  • (B) Referenced Answers, written by other party(ies). It can be an original text, published or unpublished, in the form of blog, paper or other form. and publicly-available online in its entirety. Must include:
    • Title, Abstract; Full Text (URL link).
    • Author(s) full name, website, email, telephone;
    • Submitter full name, website, email, telephone;
    • Challenge(s) addressed,


  • (Sept 10th) Submission Deadline for FSC – EU Edition 2016 to held in Brussels on Sept 22-23rd.
  • (Sept 17th) Notification to 3 winning Answers by non-panelist. Start of period for Answer commenting and re-submittal. All panelists will be encouraged to submit a critique of at least 200 words the Answers by the other members of their panel.
  • (Sept 22-23rd) EU Edition 2016 is held in Brussels. See program for the format of panels. During the final Joint Proposal Panel, a final provisionally-named “Free and Safe in Cyberspace Manifesto” will be finalized. It will consist of a few pages, with a wide consensus of panelist and keynoters in the series, which will then be post fo online public endorsement by large number of relevant actors.

Evaluators: Evaluation of Answers will be carried by a to-be-established Committee of Evaluators, made of selected speakers of past and upcoming Free and Safe in Cyberspace Editions, as well as scientific board members of Open Media Cluster, and other distinguished experts.

Evaluation: The primary focus is on original, high quality, unpublished research and implementation experiences. Answers must directly provide a clear and comprehensive answer to the Challenge question. Long Answers (above 3000 words) can be in the form of academic paper, and focus on analysis and/or proposals of one or more core issues related to solution of one, or ideally, more Challenges.

Awards: The authors of best Answers, submitted by other than the invited panelists, will:

  • be invited to participate as panelist, to the panel on the Challenge that they addressed, during one of the Free and Safe in Cyberspace – EU Edition 2016. If unable to attend, winners may be allowed to alternatively give a 5-minute presentation via video link.
  • receive 2 days of lodging paid during the Free and Safe in Cyberspace – EU Edition 2016

Publishing: All Answers will be included in a Full Proceedings document at the end of each event edition. We’ll be exploring the posibly of entiring into agreement with publishers for the resulting Answers that are submitted in the forms of academic papers.