For program, speakers and media inquiries:
Rufo Guerreschi,
Exec. Dir. Open Media Cluster — +393357545620

For Logistics, Directions and Attendance terms:

  •  Open Media Cluster (OMC), lead by Rufo Guerreschi, is an independent Rome-based European non-profit research center. It leads the Trustless Computing Initiative, which aggregates with partners and advisors with globally-rare expertises in open high-assurance IT into the Trustless Computing Consortium. The Initiative aims to jump start the World’s most user-trustworthy computing service platform, lifecycle, and open ecosystem through 4-19M€ EU R&D funding proposals, and startup spin-offs; as well as by facilitating the creation of international ultra-high assurance IT certification body, through the Free and Safe in Cyberspace global event series.
    Through extreme and consistent transparency, accountability and oversight – including all critical hardware design and fabrications –  “Trustless” ecosystems aim to be resistant to actors willing to invest tens of millions of euros to compromise its lifecycle, 
    while nonetheless increasing effectiveness and accountability of state cyber-investigation capability and public security, and enabling long-term wide consumer adoption through high usability and radically-open IP terms. The Initiative aims to solve Challenges A and B posed by this event series. 

  • EIT Digital – Privacy, Security and Trust Action Line (PST-AL), lead by Jovan Golic, is 1 of 8 Thematic Action Lines of EIT Digital. EIT Digital, in turn, is 1 of 5 Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the European Insititute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which has a budget of 2.7BN€ over the period 2014-2020 for close-to-market startup funding, and innovation and education programs. This is done via EIT Digital pan-European network of Co-Location Centres in Berlin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Paris, Stockholm, Trento, as well as in Budapest and Madrid. The PST Action Line Leader is Dr. Jovan Golic, an internationally recognized expert in data security and cryptography. Some of the innovation & business results of the PST-AL will be presented in Brussels.

  • Rufo GuerreschiExec. Dir. of the non-profit Open Media Cluster, which promote the Trustless Computing Initiative and the Trustless Computing Certification Campaign. Life-long activist for international democratization within and through IT.
  • Jovan Golic. Privacy, Security and Trust Action Line Leader of EIT Digital. Internationally recognised cryptographer and IT assurance expert. EIT Digital manages through 6 Action Lines about 700M€ yearly of EU funds for close-to-market IT innovation, research and education co-funding.

The 1st Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series was conceived as a continuation, in intent and focus, of an event organized on Dec 11th 2014 in Rome (Agenda) by PST-AL, and assistance from OMC, How to guarantee security without loosing privacy?. It will also draw on the wide networking, discussion and ideas stirred by the OMC non-profit Trustless Computing Initiative. The event series furthers the institutional goals of PST-AL which on its web page on September 2015 included to “bridge existing gaps between available techniques and practice by innovative solutions following the ‘privacy & security by design’ paradigm” and  “Support data protection laws and regulations by certification & auditing procedures”. PST-AL sees “a large gap between what is applied in practice, on one hand, and the available techniques, usability requirements and the right level of security and privacy, on the other. This gap represents a strategic opportunity where European players have a recognized know-how and where leadership should be leveraged and nurtured”.

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