Free and Safe in Cyberspace 
6th Edition


April 10th, 2019


Geneva, Switzerland

After 5 editions – twice in Brussels, once in New York, Brazil and last in Berlin – the Trustless Computing Association is bringing the 6th edition of its Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series to Geneva in events to Fusion – its leading startup accelerator accelerator  and new home of the Association and its spin-off startup – and as workshops during the 2019 UN World Summit on the Information Society.

As in past edition, we’ll gathering leading experts and pioneering public and private organizations to discuss ways in an open coalition of public and private organizations can catalyze new IT security paradigms and certification governance models to radically increase the user trustworthiness of society’s most critical IT systems, with a special initial focus in the area of communications and financial transactions of ordinary citizens and high-profile persons. A detailed proposal for a Trustless Computing Certification Body will be presented as a core outcome of 3 years of discussion.



  • 5.30pm – Registration and Coffee
  • 5.45pm –  Case for a Trustless Computing Certification Body, by Rufo Guerreschi
  • 6.05pm – Q&A
  • 6.10pm – PANEL on Challenge A:
    What new paradigms, technologies and certification governance models can foreseeably radically improve the trustworthiness of the most sensitive IT and AI systems as it is direly needed?
  • 6.45 – Q&A
  • 6.50pm – Aperitif and networking
  • 7.05pm –PANEL on Challenge B:
    If we can solve Challenge A, how can we concurrently ensure offline compliance legitimate lawful access requests without adding unacceptable privacy or security risks? 
  • 7.40pm – Q&A
  • 7.50pm –PANEL on Economic Opportunity:
    How can a coalition of leading public and private organizations achieve competitive advantage by leading World-wide in the creation and adoption of next-generation IT security standards and certifications?
  • 8.20pm – Aperitif and networking
  • 9.00pm – End


During PANEL on Challenge A, we’ll consider recent technical approaches – such as AI, blockchain technologies and quantum cryptography – and others such as a uncompromising security-by-design and a few blockchain initiatives, that rely instead more on time-proven battle-tested open technologies and focus instead on an holistic approach centered on governance such as the standardization, certification, ecosystem incentives, public ethical testing, user training and supply-chain.

During PANEL on Challenge B, we’ll debate if personal freedom and public safety in the internet age are inevitably an “either-or” choice, a zero-sum game, as most believe, or instead a solvable “both-or neither” challenge?! We’ll explore the possibility that the uncompromising zero-trust technical and governance safeguards that are needed to radically improve personal freedoms are the same that can make lawful access sufficiently resistant to wide abuse.

Join us in regular related “meetups” in Berlin and in Geneva.

Seats are limited to 80

Sponsor slots left: 5

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