Free and Safe in Cyberspace (6th Edition)

Geneva – April 10th, 2019
Fintech Fusion, Avenue de la Praille 50, Genèva, CH

After 5 editions – in Brussels, New York, Brazil, and Berlin – we’ll meet again in Geneva this time, at the Fintech Fusion accelerator, new home to our Trustless Computing Association at its spin-off startup, during the days of the yearly UN World Summit on the Information Society.

Top experts, leading companies and public institutions discuss our we can radically mitigate the insecurity of society-critical IT systems, with a special focus in the area of security and privacy of digital human communications and financial transactions, and the need for new international trustworthy standards and certifications and related technologies.

While some approaches focus on technical breakthroughs with AI and quantum cryptography, some recent leading blockchain and security-by-design initiatives rely on time-proven battle-tested and open technologies while focusing primarily on holistic and governance-centered approaches to the ecosystem, standardization, certification, testing, user training and supply-chain.

  • 5.30pm – Coffee and registration
  • 6.00pm Panel A: What new paradigms, techs and certifications can radically improve the cybersecurity of general human computing, e-banking and cryptocurrency transactions?
  • 6.45pm – Aperitif and networking
  • 7.15pmPanel B: If we solve Challenge A, how can we solidly prevent criminal abuse by serious criminals?
  • 8.00pm – Aperitif and networking
  • 9.00pm – End of event.

During Panel B, we’ll debate if personal freedom and public safety in the internet age are inevitably “either-or” choice, a zero-sum game, as most believe, or instead a solvable “both-or neither” challenge?! We’ll explore the possibility that the uncompromising zero-trust technical and governance safeguards that are needed to radically improve personal freedoms are the same that can make lawful access sufficiently resistant to wide abuse.


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