EU Series 2018

Free and Safe in Cyberspace – EU event series 2018 is a draft plan to convene 4 full-day events, to be held once every 3 months alternately in Luxembourg and Brussels.

  • Themes: New standards and certification for cybersecurity, and for lawful access in the area of IT and AI
  • Locations: Two in Luxembourg at TBD location, and two in Brussels at TBD location.
  • When: 4 full-day editions, starting in TBD date in the beginning of 2018 in Luxembourg, to be held once every 3 months.
  • Aims.  Special keynote and panels to foster and widen an informed consensus on new international standards and certification governance bodies for ultra-high assurance IT and AI systems and life-cycle – for communications, constitutional lawful access and autonomous systems – to deliver access to radically unprecedented e-privacy and e-security to all, while increasing public safety and cyber-investigation capabilities.
  • Past EditionsFree and Safe in Cyberspace was held 4 times already in Brussels, New York, and Iguazu, Brazil, with amazing speakers including Bruce Schneier, Richard Stallman, Bart Preneel, the Deputy head of EDPS, Vice-Chair of LIBE Committee, Head of Information Superiority of European Defence Agency, and many more.
  • Target Audience: Leading world banks and enterprise seeking to increase their cybersecurity posture and to be perceived to “partner” with World leaders in advancing standards.
  • Budget: 150-180k€ for all 4 events.
  • Speakers: 
    • 50%: top ministers, civilian and non-civilian cyber and public security agencies of Luxembourg (including the Minister of Defense and Economy and the Prime Minister of Luxembourg) and top Lux-based consultancies;
    • 50%: amazing World-class cybersecurity and AI safety speakers from outside Luxembourg, in part among speakers of past editions: Past speakers to EU 2015, speakers to LatAM 2015, speakers to US 2016, speakers to EU 2016.
  • Relation to cybersecurity week.luWe will no hold it during the Cybersecurityweek.lu in October 2017 although we were offered free publicity by the organizers, because it’d be hard to get sponsors, audience and media attention as too much is going on; and because, we can leverage the momentum and declaration generated by such week as a next and follow up step in Luxembourg’s pursuit of cybersecurity. Nevertheless, we’d just speak there to introduce our Partnership for Trustless Computing, event series, cluster proposal, etc.)
  • Co-organizers and Shareholders:
    • Open Media Cluster (now called Trustless Computing Association)
    • *Consultancy Partner
    • *Luxembourg Governmental Partner
  • Sought outcomes and leadership for future cybersecurity standards. The opportunity for our Consultancy and Governmental partners is to join us, Luxembourg and amazing speakers as the driving leaders of new radically-increased enterprise cybersecurity standards and certifications, and establish traction versus potential enterprise customers seeking to radically advance their cybersecurity posture. Target outcome of the event series is to further define and promote the initiative that arose from previous editions:
    • Partnership for Trustless Computing signed with U.Lux SnT – Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust last month, soon to be expanded to many more private and public organizations, from our Consortium members and SnT partners.
    • a late draft 6-pager Manifesto of Trustless Computing for proposed standards-setting and certification body, that came out of the previous editions, with contributions from Capgemini Netherland (Melle Van Den Berg), Tecnalia and Bart Preneel (the EU “Bruce Schneier”), and others. It is a summary of a much more detailed Proposal for a Trustless Computing Certification Body 50-pager in the late draft as well.
    • A proposal for a Trustless Computing Cluster for Luxembourg leadership in IT and AI security
    • Trustless Computing Consortium, from which our TRUSTLESS.AI startup has spun off, incorporating in Luxembourg.
  • Sponsors:
    • *EIT Digital. has been sponsoring 90% of the minimal budget of our previous editions (about 15k€ per event).
    • *TBD Luxembourg public agencies contribute 60K€
    • *Consultancy Partner contributes 60k€
    • *Other: Some of our current members of the Trustless Computing Consortium (see link above). Attract diverse sponsors – especially large enterprises and banks,  which would be concurrently joining unique technical members and the state secret standard-setting  agencies of Italy and Austria in the Trustless Computing Consortium aimed (as the event series has been) and jointly defining new international standards for the most critical wide-market use case scenarios of enterprise and bank cybersecurity
  • Co-organizers Roles:
    • Consultancy Partner
      • joins Open Media Cluster, a Luxembourg public agency in a tripartite decision-making Event Series Board, for all future decision.
    • Open Media Cluster (i.e. Trustless Computing Consortium):
      • coordinates contents and speakers invitation with the other 3 partners
      • acts as liaison with previous panelist and institutional
      • receives 80k€ to cover human, speakers reimbursements, venues and live costs
    • MindTheBridge
      • Has formally agreed to be an active media partner, at no cost. (They bring dozens of EU officials and dozens of EU scaleups to the Valley every September, with their EU Innovation Day. Sponsored by EIT Digital.)
    • TBD communication agency:
      • Receives 55k$ to manage all communications, events logistics, attendees, media and web presence.