Free and Safe in Cyberspace

 Date: Early October 2018 – 9am-1pm
Location: TBD (Brussels, Rome or Berlin),

After 5 editions in Brussels, New York and Brazil, and last in Berlin on May 4th, we’ll be holding this next fall the 6th Edition of Free and Safe in Cyberspace.  We’ll meet again with great speakers to ponder how and if we can debunk the widespread conviction among civil rights activists and security agencies that freedom and safety in the internet age are a Zero-Sum game, an “either-or” choice.

We’ll be challenging the status quo, and deeply ingrained misconceptions. We’ll explore if the problems of digital freedom and safety can only be solved together. is not instead a “both-or neither” challenge, whereby the uncompromising zero-trust technical and governance safeguards that are needed to radically improve IT security – and therefore achieve meaningful digital freedoms – are the same that can make lawful access sufficiently resilient from abuse. 


Reach out to us if interested in attending as a speaker, sponsor or keynote sponsor. 

Speakers that have given their availability so far:


Preliminary PROGRAM

Oct 2nd, 2018 – 6-8pm

  • 18:00-20:00 Optional Aperitif at TBD location for speakers, media and special guests.

Oct 3rd, 2018 – 9am-1pm

  • 08:30 – Coffee
  • 09:00 –  Introduction by Organizers
  • 09.10 – Keynote by TBD
  • 09.20 – Keynote by TBD
  • 09.3o – Keynote by TBD
  • 9.40 – CHALLENGE A: What paradigms and certifications can validate IT devices and services that provide security and privacy that are radically more secure than state-of-the-art (ultra-high assurance*) ?!   What are the key paradigms? What is the role of uncompromising“zero trust” security-by-design paradigms, via transparent and extreme review and oversight of all critical lifecycle components and processes? the role of free/open source software and ethical hackers? the role of certification and oversight governance? How about Blockchains,  Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence? what about citizen-witness and citizen-jury processes? Can we realistically secure enough CPU design and chi fabrication oversight? What scale of investments are needed? Can we imagine a parallel hardware and software computing universe, as a user-friendly supplement to every-day computing devices?   
    • Moderator: TBD
    • Panelists: TBD
  • 10:50 – Coffee Break
  • 11:00 – Keynote by TBD
  • 11.15 – CHALLENGE B: How can we achieve such ultra-high assurance IT while enabling legitimate and constitutional – no more, no less – lawful access? so it does not get abused or outlawed?   Can the same extreme technical and human processes safeguards that are needed to deliver ultra-high assurance also enable voluntary compliance to lawful access request – at least in some EU states – that overall reduce the risk of privacy rights abuse of end-users by anyone to levels that are radically or substantially lower than any of the other alternative secure IT systems which do not offer such voluntary processing?
    Could or should such processes rely on a provider-managed voluntary data and/or key recovery scheme that is certified and overseen by primarily-non-governmental radically citizen-accountable, independent and competent international body? Could the inevitable added risk be essentially shifted from technical systems to in-person organizational processes?
    • ModeratorTBD
    • Panelists: TBD
  • 12:00 – Keynote by TBD
  • 12.15 – SOLUTIONS TO CHALLENGE A and B? Intro & “Shark-Tank-style” QA
  • 12.50 – Closing and complementary lunch for speakers


 Trustless Computing Association is an independent European IT security and privacy non-profit research and activist association.  Pursuing the creation of a Trustless Computing Certification Body and a an initial compliant open computing base to deliver radically unprecedented cybersecurity for the most critical societal computing domains.

TRUSTLESS.AI is the spin-off startup of the Trustless Computing Association. It is raising $5M to create of a Trustless Computing Certification Body and an initial compliant open computing base, ecosystem and service, CivicNet, to deliver radically unprecedented confidentiality and integrity to the most sensitive human communications and transactions. 


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