Speakers for Rome FSC EU Edition 2016 before it was moved to Brussels

  • Marit HansenData Protection Supervisor of the State of Schleswig-Holstein of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Privacy Commissioner of Schleswig-Holstein, Marit Hansen, is head of ULD. ULD is responsible for both freedom of information as well as data protection at private and public sector entities seated in Schleswig-Holstein.
  • David Chaum*. World-renowned cryptographer, and pioneer of anonymity protocols.(video link) A life-long digital civil rights activist and expert. Inventor of several ground-breaking foundational crypto concepts and protocols. Proponent of the controversial Privategrity and cMix (R&D) projects to solve the logjam between privacy and constitutional lawful access.
  • Bart Preneel. Arguably the most-recognised EU cryptographer and IT Security expert. Former president (2008-2014) of the International Association for Cryptologic Research. Professor at KU Leuven COSIC group, organizers of the leading EU crypto conference Eurocrypt. Consultant to NIST on governance reform. Project manager of the Network of Excellence ECRYPT II ECRYPT-NET (2015-2019) and ECRYPT CSA (2015-2017).
  • Jovan Golic. Privacy, Security and Trust Action Line Leader of EIT Digital. Internationally recognised cryptographer and IT assurance expert. EIT Digital manages through 6 Action Lines about 700M€ yearly of EU funds for close-to-market IT innovation, research and education co-funding.
  • Rufo Guerreschi. Exec. Dir. of the non-profit Open Media Cluster, which promote the Trustless Computing Initiative and the Trustless Computing Certification Campaign. Life-long activist for international democratization within and through IT.
  • Glyn Moody. (MODERATOR) World-renowned Journalist and book author on digital civil rights. Contributing Policy Editor at ArsTechnica. His writings have appeared in Wired, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, New Scientist, The Economist, Financial Times, Computer Weekly and Techdirt.
  • Carlo Blengino. Lawyer, professor and constitutional legal expert in the area of digital privacy and surveillance. Fellow at NEXA Center for Internet & Society at the Politecnico di Torino.
  • Francesco Paolo Micozzi. Lawyer in the area of e-privacy and surveillance. Member of WG on Surveillance and E of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe.
  • Davide Barillari. Fondatore progetto partecipazione elettronica Parelon. Consigliere M5S della Regione Lazio, candidato governatore ed ex-capogruppo. . Esperto di sicurezza informatica,
  • Paolo Acunzo. Vice segretario del Movimento Federalista Europeo. Vice-Presidente Partito Democratico Regione Lazio, Membro Direzione Nazionale Partito Democratico,
  • Roberto Baldoni, Direttore del Center for Cyber Intelligence and Information Security, La Sapienza. Autore del Libro Bianco sulla Cybersecurity (pdf), con il supporto del Dipartimento Informazioni per la Sicurezza della Presidenza del Consiglio. (Di particolare rilevanza per l’evento Art. 3.4)
  • Pierluigi Paganini. Member of ENISA Threat Landscape Stakeholder Group. CISO at Bit4D, leading Italian ID tech provider. . Editor at Securityaffairs.co. Formerly senior engineer at ST-Microelectronics.
  • Cosimo Comella*, Head of Digital Technologies and IT Security at the Italian Data Protection Agency.
  • Stefano Quintarelli*. Presidente del Comitato di indirizzo della Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale. Deputato della Repubblica Italiana. Ex- Direttore Area Digital Sole 24 Ore. Co-fondatore delle associazioni di sicurezza informatica CLUSIT e APSI. Primo firmatario proposta di legge 2014 su “sovranità tecnologica e hardware documentato” (url). Former angel investor in settore IT.
  • Mario Staderini*. Direttore della Tutela dei Consumatori e Diritti degli Utenti dell’ AGCOM (Autorità per la Garanzia delle Comunicazioni). Dal 2009 al 2013 fù segretario dei Radicali Italiani.* Date availability to be confirmed

    In due time, as local relevant national Italian authorities and top local experts have accepted, we will invite many of the speakers of the EU Edition 2015, and more.
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