Free and Safe in Cyberspace
6th Edition

April 9-10th 2019, Geneva​

Most believe that meaningful digital freedoms and public safety are an inevitable “either-or” choice, a sort of “zero-sum game“. A few of us believe instead it is a solvable “both-or-neither” challenge.
What new paradigms and certifications could deliver both in the near term?

After 5 editions – twice in Brussels, once in New York, in Iguaçu and in Berlin – the Trustless Computing Association is coming to Geneva with the 6th edition of its Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series. We will have day workshops in ITU Headquarters during the 2019 UN World Summit on the Information Society and evening receptions at the Fusion Startup Accelerator – the new home to the Association and its spin-off startup TRUSTLESS.AI.

Join us to take part in the coalition of pioneering enterprises, banks, public institutions and NGOs, and avant-garde experts, that is leading the global discussion, creation, adoption and commercial exploitation of next-generation IT security technologies and certifications.

Speakers’ Highlights

Reinhard Posch – Chief Information Officer of the Federal Republic of Austria (since 2001).

Marco Obiso – Head of ICT Applications and Cybersecurity Division at UN International Telecommunication Union

Anthony Ferrante – Head of Cybersecurity at FTI Consulting. Former Director for Cybersecurity Policy at the National Security Council, White House, USA (2015-2017). Former Chief of Staff at FBI Cyber Division.

Alan Duric – COO/CTO & Co-Founder at Wire, a secure messaging provider.

Paul Nemitz – Principal Advisor and Director of Fundamental Rights and Citizenship at European Commission

Jean-Marc Rickli – Global Risk and Resilience Cluster Lead at Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Michel Jaccard – Founder and CEO of Id Est Avocats, law firm specialized in privacy, security, and open innovation

*Mika Lauhde –  Global VP for Cybersecurity & Global Public Affairs at HUAWEI.

*Joe Cannataci – UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy

*To be confirmed



As in past editions, we will gather leading experts and organizations to find solutions to the 4 Challenges that need to be solved to jump start an open coalition for new IT security paradigms and certification governance models that can radically increase the trustworthiness of IT in the most critical societal use cases and domains.  

Most believe that personal digital freedoms and public safety are an inevitable “either-or” choice, a sort of “zero-sum game“. We discovered it may well be instead a “both-or-neither” challenge, solvable through the same zero-trust socio-technical paradigms and international certification governance models. This is all the more urgent as the breaking of all IT at birth by powerful nations, to retain investigative access, has placed the safety and freedom of nearly all citizens, and the very integrity of their democratic systems, in the hands of the most powerful hacking entities.

A Trustless Computing Initiative and a proposed Trustless Computing Certification Body will be presented, as a core outcome of 3 years of work by the Association partners, advisors, and numerous participants of previous FSC editions. Initially targeted to sensitive human communications and transactions, for high-profile and ordinary citizens alike, such new standards and certifications will extend to the most critical sub-systems of Artificial Intelligence, cyber-physical and governmental systems.



Location: WSIS, ITU Headquarters (Place des Nations, Geneva)
  • 12:45pm – Registration and light lunch offered
  • 01:05pm – Welcome by ITU Senior Executive
  • 01:15pm – Keynote: TBD
  • 01:30pm – Keynote: Case for a Trustless Computing Certification Body (Rufo Guerreschi)
  • 02:30am – Q&A
  • 02:40am – Panel on CHALLENGE A: What new paradigms, technologies and certification governance models can radically improve trustworthiness of the most sensitive IT and AI systems? Read more
    Moderator: TBD — Speakers: TBD
  • 03:20pm  Q&A
  • 03:30pm – Aperitif and networking
  • 03:50pm – Panel on CHALLENGE B: If we can solve Challenge A, how can we concurrently ensure offline conpliance legitimate lawful access requests to prevent grave criminal abuse?  Read more
    Moderator: TBD — Speakers: TBD
  • 04:10pm – Q&A
  • 04:20pm – Networking and Aperitif
  • 04:40pm  End

Access: open to all, 200+ capacity
Languages: English and translation in 4 UN official languages 


Location: Main Hall at Fintech Fusion (50 Avenue de la Praille, Geneva)
  • 05:30pm – Registration and Aperitif
  • 05:50pm – Panel on Cybersecurity in Enterprises and Wealth Management: Challenges and Opportunities.
    Moderator: TBD — Speakers: TBD
  • 06:50pm – QA
  • 07:10pm – Aperitif and networking
  • 07:30pm – Panel on the ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES: How can a coalition of leading enterprises, NGOs, banks and nations  achieve and sustain a fundamental competitive advantage by leading in the creation and adoption of next-generation IT security technologies and certifications?

    Speakers: TBD

  • 08:10pm  QA
  • 08:20pm  Aperitif and networking
  • 09:30pm  End
Audience: invitation-only, 80 capacity (morning speakers and special guest)
Language: English

*”Ultra-high assurance“: In the IT security and military sectors the term “high assurance” refers to the IT systems, device and services with the highest level of trustworthiness. Given such levels have proven to be insufficient by a large margin  and that “perfect” or “true” security impossible  a new term is needed: “ultra-high assurance”.


LocationWSIS, ITU Headquarters (Place des Nations, Geneva)
  • 08:30pm – Registration and Coffee
  • 09:15am – Panel on CHALLENGE C: Ultra-high Assurance IT Certifications and the Future of AI?
    How can ultra-high assurance IT certification governance models and bodies spur sustainable AI-driven economic development and foster long-term AI safety? Can their application to the most critical deterministic sub-systems of critical AIs contribute substantially to their AI safety? Read more
    Moderator: TBD — Speakers: TBD
  • 10:00am – QA
  • 10:20am – Coffee Break
  • 10:30am – Panel on CHALLENGE D: What are the national policy or international treaty options for ultra-high assurance IT standards in critical societal domains?
    What constituent processes can ensure a timely, effective and democratically-efficient implementation – by a critical mass of actors – of meaningfully-enforceable national policies or international treaties for ultra-high assurance IT standards setting and certification processes?! Read more
    Moderator: TBD — Speakers: TBD
  • 11:20am – QA
  • 11:40am – Networking
  • 12:00am  Closing statements
  • 12:20am  End 
Access: open to all, 200+ capacity
Languages: English, translation 4 UN official languages


Location: Open Space at Fintech Fusion (50 Avenue de la Praille, Geneva)
  • 05:30pm – Registration and Coffee
  • 05:50pm – Fireside Chat: AI & Global Governance  
    Are threats and opportunities of AI and cybersecurity as a unique opportunity for the globalization of democratic governance? Can the all-powerful threats of AI and cybersecurity provide the needed motivation to build adequate open federal transnational democratic institutions, as the nuclear threat nearly did in 1945?
    Moderator: TBD — Speakers: TBD
  • 06:30pm – QA
  • 07:00pm – Aperitif and networking
  • 07:20pm  Keynotes: Visions for positive future scenarios for Humanity, in the IT and AI age
    Speakers: TBD
  • 08:00pm  QA
  • 08:20pm  Aperitif and networking
  • 09:30pm  End
Audience: invitation-only, 80 capacity (morning speakers and special guest)
Language: English

Past Editions

On Sept 24-25th 2015, the 1st Edition 2018 was held in Brussels, with a high-level set of speakers, including recognized IT security experts such as Bruce Schneier and Bart Preneel, and from the IT security institutions, such as the Head of Information Superiority of the European Defence Agency, and more. See the report and the program with videos.

On Oct 16th, 2015, the 2nd Edition was held during the largest South American free software conference in Iguaçu, Brazil, and gathered distinguished minister of IT of Brazil, Marcos Mazoni, Rogerio Winter, a high-ranking official of the Brazilian Cyber Command, the CEO of the most advanced crypto company in Brazil, Kryptus, and more experts.

On July 21st, 2016, a 3rd Edition was held in New York with amazing speakers, including Joe Cannataci, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy, and Max Schrems, the Austrian privacy activist behind the overhaul of Safe Harbor Agreement. See the report.

On September 22nd-23rd 2016, the 4th Edition 2016 held in Brussels gathered experts, including the CIO of Austria, the Vice-Chair of the EU Parliament LIBE Committee, Paul Nemitz, Director of Fundamental Rights and Union citizenship in the DG Justice of the European Commission, and more. See the Programme, Videos and Slides.

On May 4th 2018, the 5th Edition 2018 was held in Berlin. High profiles joined, including Reinhard Posch, Chief Information Officer for Austria, Andreas Reisen, Head of Division “IT and Cyber Security in Critical Infrastructures and the Private Sector, Secure Information Technology” of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, and more.

4th Edition Trailer

Introduction & Panel on Challenge A

Play Video

About Us


The Trustless Computing Association is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, and Rome, Italy, promoting the creation and wide availability of IT and AI technologies that are radically more secure and accountable than today state of the art solutions. Together with our Geneva-based spin-off startup TRUSTLESS.AI, we have been building the Trustless Computing Certification Body, a new IT security certification body and schema, aimed at ultra-high, radically-unprecedented levels of trustworthiness – while at once solidly enabling legit lawful access – and initial compliant open computing base and ecosystem, Seevik Net.

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